3 Factors That Determine the Extent of Water Restoration

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Water damage may not seem too threatening; however, we would argue that water damage is one of the worst to have. Not only does water damage everything in its path, but it forces every area it damages to become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. The only way to avoid the harmful effects it can have on your home is to catch it quickly enough. 

As soon as you notice something is off, the best thing to do is reach out to a restoration company in Ft. Lauderdale. The sooner you have the water problem tackled and fixed, the fewer damages you will have.

As soon as the experts here at Tri-County All Restorations come out to your home, there are a few factors we give our attention to. These three factors will determine the extent of the damages and how much restoration your home requires. It will also determine how costly the water damages are, which will help when you reach out to the insurance company.

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  • Where the Water Came From

Evaluating where the water came from is critical because different water sources are safer than others and more ideal. For instance, you would likely prefer if the water damage came from a leaky roof instead of the sewage system. The leaky roof water may have some outdoor debris in it, but it’s a lot better than water with human waste. 

The water type and where it came from impact how we proceed with the restoration. Dirtier water is more expensive to restore and can cause more damage. You also might not want to keep furniture that interacted with the sewage water.

  • The Size of the Water Damage

Water damage can affect areas big and small. Naturally, the larger the area affected, the more resources it will take to restore your home. Additionally, the more contractors we have to send to work on the damages. We know that the area the water wreaks havoc in is out of your control; however, that’s one more reason why it’s always better to call our team as soon as something looks off. Even if you are unsure if water is running rampant in your home, it’s better to have that peace of mind. 

The more of the house that gets damaged, the longer the restoration takes, and the more pricey the service gets. However, size isn’t everything. Some other factors can make a small area more damaged than a large area. A smaller room with lots of mold and water damage is worse than a large area with a minor leak causing a leaky roof.

  • Mold Presence

Unfortunately, mold damage is never far behind when water damage is present. The water damage happens to create the perfect atmosphere for mold growth. That is one of the many reasons water damage is something worth handling as soon as possible. The longer it sits, the higher likelihood that mold grows and spreads. If you know you have water damage and are unsure about mold, try and not to stress too much. 

Our mold restoration company in Fort Lauderdale can restore both water and mold damage. As soon as we come out to your house to examine the property damages, we can keep an eye out for mold. 

We know what to look for and how to fix it.

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We know seeing property damage is stressful and alarming. However, it isn’t permanent, especially with a restoration company in Oakland Park helping you out. Whether you have water damage or not, the Tri-County All Restorations team can help with your property restoration. 

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