COVID-19 and Mold Removal

//COVID-19 and Mold Removal

With all the craziness going on in the world right now the last thing you want to hear from one of our team members is that the mold assessment came back and you have mold. This might freak you out a little bit because well for starters, you have mold, and to top it off, you have mold during the current pandemic. This is just an entirely difficult situation to be in all around, especially because mold is pretty hazardous to all human’s health. When it comes down to it you are going to need to get the mold removed for the sake of your health. However, before you have one of our restoration experts come on out and remove the one problem we can control you may have some questions. With COVID-19 still proving to be highly contagious and still circulating throughout the United States you probably want to know how we plan on keeping you safe, ensuring you do feel even more at risk of getting the virus than you already may feel. We do this through what we like to call the virus clean up. Our virus clean-up initiatives involve sanitizing all of the appliances we are going to be using to remove the mold out of your home. This will not only ensure the appliances are clean when they enter your home but that any viruses that are lingering around will cease to do so.


Masks Galore


Mold removal is one of those jobs that naturally require some form of mouth, nose, and eye protection, as mold is hazardous to the human body. This just means that the restorations specialist that is coming into your home has been ahead of game as far as masks go. We have been utilizing protecting for years and will continue to do so during the COVID-19 pandemic and afterward. We will also make sure that we do not come into unnecessary contact with anyone in the household for the safety of our specialists and your family. In trying times like this it is more important than ever to take all kinds of precautions so we can all continue being as safe and healthy as possible.


Mold Removal Process


The virus will not alter the standard process for removing the mold from your house, as the protection needed for the virus is standard for protection against mold. We will, however, make sure you are fully aware of the process beforehand so you can prepare any way you think is best for you and your loved ones. The process itself will take between 1 and 5 days depending on how severe the mold problem is. The severity of it will be decided when we originally come out and do the mold assessment for you. When we get to your house we will have to go straight to the area or areas with the mold and apply a solution to it to kill the mold and all of its spores. We will be sure to isolate the area with the mold as well and cover up any air vents to protect the safety of those who in the house. Once the mold killer works its magic we are going to have to replace the area where the mold was growing. This usually does not take too long as the worst part of it is over with, getting rid of the mold. After all of this is done all there is to do is paint the area that was replaced. Of course, we will also discuss different ways of preventing the mold in the future with you so you know exactly what to do on your end. Whether you need a new bathroom fan or to fix a leaky pipe, we can let you know what caused the mold.


Despite being in a worldwide pandemic right now we need to make sure that your health is being taken care of in the only place we can all call safe right now, our homes. With mold in the house, your house is only getting damaged more and more, putting your health at an even larger risk as the mold grows. The best thing to do is to stop the mold in its tracks with our restoration specialist’s help. If you think you may have mold in the house give us a call today at (888) 906-0188 to schedule your mold assessment.

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