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Don’t Let the Wind and Insurance Companies Knock You Down Anymore!

Hurricane Damage | Wind Damage

Did you know that the state of Florida passed legislation that requires insurance companies to offer their customers discounts and credits for having existing building features and home improvements that reduce damage from wind? Many homeowners don’t know this information, which is why insurance companies assume your home has no wind-resistant features when charging your premiums. If your home has improvements that reduce wind damage, then you may be able to save a quick buck on your insurance! If you don’t have the necessary building features, then you need to begin looking for a professional to help you take care of any sustained wind damage in Oakland Park. Everyone understands that Mother Nature is a powerful force that can wreak severe damage. But do you know who to call once that severe damage becomes your responsibility? Why you just need to call Tri-County All Restorations, the top wind damage remediator in Oakland Park!


Dry-Out with Tri-County All Restorations

When the professionals at Tri-County All Restorations arrive on the scene, they will begin their wind damage remediation services in a series of steps. The first and most important step to begin our wind damage remediation services is to dry-out the structure. By drying out the structure, mold cannot begin to grow. This is the most important step because if mold results as a product of your wind damage, there’s only more damage to come. When we conduct a dry-out at your home or office, it is essential that our technicians arrive on the scene within 24 hours of the damage, or else the mold risk increases tenfold. To be sure your mold risk is 0, you need a reputable, experienced restoration service provider. Luckily, Tri-County All Restorations specializes in bringing the property back to pre-loss condition.


24-Hour Emergency Wind Mitigation

No matter the time of day, Tri-County All Restorations is available to help you with sustained wind damage. Tri-County handles restorations for all types of post-storm-water removal and structural drying. Our expert staff is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ready to assist with service you can count on. Allow the professionals at Tri-County All Restorations to help you recover with our specialized emergency cleanup service package that will restore your property back to normal with minimal interruption. Call us when you’ve experienced damage from wind or weather, including:

In the event of an emergency, you need a company of professionals you can trust with your home, property, and belongings.  You need a team that understands what you are going through and treats you and your property with compassionate respect. Tri-County handles restorations for all types of post-storm-water removal and structural drying. We are on call 24 hours a day and ready to assist with service you can count on.


For the past 25 years, Tri-County All Restorations has been serving Oakland Park to restore various types of damage using the latest and best equipment available. If your home or office has been impacted by fire, flooding, or mold, make sure you call the Tri-County All Restorations. Tri-County All Restorations has been providing the highest level of service throughout South Florida for more than two decades. We work with insurers and can help you determine whether your damage is covered. For Immediate Service, please get in touch with us by calling (954) 280-7868. If you would like to make an appointment to speak to a member of our expert team, please call our office at (954) 444-6433. Although mother nature may damage your property, Tri-County All Restorations is here to restore and protect your property’s value.

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