Everything You Need to Know About Mold Remediation in Oakland Park, Florida

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Seeing a spot of mold in your home may shake you up a bit. Mold is a nauseating thing to see and also comes with some health risks. You may even wonder if there’s more mold hiding in your home. The best thing to do when you spot mold is to call a remediation team as soon as possible. For one, any spot, no matter how big or small, is going to need to be restored. The only way to ensure the mold is 100% gone is to remediate it and restore the spot the mold was in. If you aren’t sure how to do that, no worries. Our team at Tri-County All Restorations can do your mold remediation in Oakland Park, Florida.

What is Mold?

Everyone knows mold is a negative thing to see in your home. However, many people are surprised to learn that mold is a fungus. A fun fact about mold is that it’s always growing on dead matter. It isn’t until the mold has grown to a large size that people notice it, though. Another thing is that mold grows in warm, humid, and hidden places. Many people have the mold for days, weeks, or months before noticing it. This hidden factor is why it tends to be large before people spot it and get it remediated. But you can rest assured that no matter how big the mold gets, our team can always get rid of it for you.

How Does Mold Grow?

There’s a reason experts tell people to address their water damage right away. It’s because water damage tends to attract mold, leading to mold damage. When you have a leaky roof or flooding in your home, the water is creating a humid and wet atmosphere. It’s this exact atmosphere where mold thrives. The warmer and wetter it is, the more likely you are going to see mold grow. If you have one mold spot in your bathroom and another in your kitchen, it’s because of the spores. Mold spores tend to move with the wind or a breeze. This movement makes it easy for mold to move and grow elsewhere. And it isn’t just ceilings, walls, and appliances that it can grow on. Mold can also develop on furniture and clothing. If it sounds like a lot, it’s because it is. Mold damage is nothing to mess around with. It spreads easily, expands quickly, and can harm your health.

How is Mold Harmful?

We all know and hear that mold is harmful to health, but to what extent? Well, this all depends on the state of your health. For example, someone who has asthma or allergies may find they feel the effects a lot. When breathed in, mold spores can cause a cough and respiratory problems. Even the average person may experience congestion. Many people also get itchy, especially if the mold has moved onto their clothing.

How Can You Treat Mold?

Some people choose to treat mold by themselves. Doing this works for some people; however, it isn’t for everyone and every situation. Some scenarios require more intense and meticulous treatment. In a more severe circumstance, the best thing to do is reach out to a company that does mold remediation in Oakland Park, Florida. Here at Tri-County All Restorations, we can help you with your mold problem. When you call us, we send our team out to do an inspection and mold test. There are many different types of mold, and knowing which type can help a lot. We’ll start the remediation process by eradicating the mold. We need to ensure it’s gone from all surfaces before we can work on fixing up the area affected. Sometimes, mold is an easy fix with small restoration. But, other times, you may need to replace a portion of the ceiling or a wall. Depending on how large your mold problem is will dictate how long and intense the process is.

Contact Tri-County All Restorations Today!

If you have spot mold in your home, don’t wait to call Tri-County All Restorations. The longer you wait, the larger the mold will grow. It may even spread to other areas of your home. The key to getting rid of mold is acting fast. To learn more about mold remediation in Oakland Park, Florida, or to have our team come out to your home, reach out to us at (954) 280-7868.

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