Here Are A Few Tips for Handling Fire Damage in Oakland Park

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With the holidays comes new cooks trying new recipes and new kitchen gadgets. Unfortunately, these new adventures can lead to large kitchen fires that put the house in smoke. If this occurs to you this holiday season, then you’ll want to give the fire damage specialists here at Tri-County All Restorations a call. And even if this doesn’t happen, it’s good to have us on stand by just in case! Keep reading to learn more about fire damage and the steps you should take to help yourself recover.


Who to Call After a Fire-Related Incident?

Immediately following a fire, and once the smoke has cleared, you may find yourself wanting to help with the cleanup.  Although quick action may be instinctive, it is far too dangerous to attempt a fire damage cleanup immediately, especially on your own. Fire and smoke tend to get in places that we may not think to clean and this type of damage can’t be removed with your average household cleaning materials. You’ll need fire damage experts to help with this, but there are a few things you can do around your home to get started!

Once you have returned to the site of the incident, Tri-County All Restorations recommends following these tips for basic clean-up after a fire.

  1. If the area is safe and cool, you can wash the chrome trim on faucets and other metal fixtures with light detergent and follow with a coat of Vaseline.
  2. Use a leaf blower or similar equipment to blow loose smoke particles from upholstery, carpeting, and curtains.
  3. If weather conditions are favorable, open the windows to ventilate and help remove the smell of smoke throughout the home.
  4. If the power has been turned off, it is advisable to remove food from refrigerators and freezers. Leave the refrigerator/freezer doors open once the appliance is empty to encourage air circulation.
  5. Take a few items of clothing to a professional cleaner for deodorization as a test batch. If the process is effective, you can do the same with the remaining clothing items. Not all items will be salvageable and you don’t want to waste time or money in this instance. 
  6. The next step is to quickly contact a restorations company in Oakland Park like Tri-County All Restorations to assist with more in-depth cleaning.


Fire Damage Restoration in Oakland Park

A fire can have a massive impact on both your possessions and your property’s infrastructure, and it can be challenging to know where and how bad the damage is. At Tri-County All Restorations, our priority is getting you back on your feet and we go through every possible measure to make sure this is done properly and quickly. 

Smoke and fire damage can be both time consuming and costly, which can put homeowners and business owners in Oakland Park in a bind. After a fire, you need someone with years of experience and dedication who can be on the scene immediately. 


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Tri-County All Restorations has been serving Oakland Park and surrounding cities for over 25 years. Our technicians utilize the latest and best equipment available, allowing us to tackle any emergency or natural damage that occurs. From mold damage to fire damage and everything in between, Tri-County All Restorations’ professional technicians have been in the industry for years and have seen just about everything you could imagine. 


Trust Tri-County All Restorations to work for you so that whatever emergency comes your way, the restoration job gets done right the first time. You can contact us by calling (954) 444-6433 to learn more!

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