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Avoiding a Marine Mold Event

Mold is a naturally occurring substance. Unfortunately, boats, yachts, super yachts and commercial vessels provide good growth environments for mold. It is safe to say that most boats contain mold, but you do not have to abandon ship… Our company is dedicated to helping owners, managers and crew members manage mold to prevent serious mold events from occurring.

Regarding mold we feel “Offense is your best defense” and Tri-County All Restorations is dedicated to prevention. From our point of view, stopping the “pass” of mold from one cabin or component to boat wide infestation is mission critical.

Our Professional Suggestions:

Tri-County strongly suggests taking advantage of our free evaluation of your vessel. By creating a profile of the vessel and mapping risk areas, the crew can stay on top of risk. Once crew and management begin following Tri-County’s field-proven procedures, risk of a serious problem is significantly reduced.

We do not suggest a DIY approach to mold due to the risk of cross contamination during the clean up. A mold clean by professionals is a good investment. Allowing untrained personnel to clean up a mold event can make a bad situation worse. Therefore, our clients rely on Tri-County’s expert guidance, processes, EPA-approved chemicals and equipment to ensure a small but risky mold infestation is resolved without the risk of illness or cross-contamination.

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According to Florida law we rely on 3rd party testing and labs to determine if mold is present aboard. If so, it is imperative to rely on Tri-County’s Marine Mold experts before the causing illnesses and the destruction of the Yacht’s interior appointments.

If you already have evidence that the vessel has a significant mold problem, Tri-County’s marine professionals are ready to help. With 5,000 mold remediation projects already completed in South Florida, Tri-County represents the best solution to ridding your vessel of this risky problem.

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25+ Years of Marine Mold Restoration Experience:

Our Marine Mold remediation team’s level of expertise is seasoned; led by a 25-year veteran of the Marine Industry. More than anything else, our Marine experience is what sets Tri-County apart from the competition. Our marine division knows how boats are constructed, how the Marine HVAC is installed, whether it be Self-Contained AC, Split, or a Circulated Chilled Water system.

Tri-County is one of a select few companies in the world that can offer diagnosis, remediation of mold infestation and resolution of the problem at its source. Once cleaned up you can be sure our knowledge of Marine HVAC will future risk of re-infestation to a minimum.

If you suspect a problem, Tri-County encourages to not hesitating to contact us regarding a free risk evaluation of your vessel now. Based upon age, shipyard and type of HVAC system, we can quickly access your risk and provide a strategy to prevent avoid serious a future mold infestation. Please click the HELP US button below and fill out the contact information. Otherwise, send us your question or concern by e-mail reply at, [email protected]

During our visit, if a member of the Tri-County survey team visually detects anything resembling mold then we immediately recommend an independent Licensed Mold Assessor to conduct a test using an Independent testing lab. Depending on the results of that test, further steps can be organized.

Indoor Air Quality:

Whether it be Mold, Stale Air, High Humidity, or Sewage smells; at Tri-County, we believe that an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) survey is a good way understand the status of all areas aboard and to raise the awareness of IAQ aboard. The reality is that if your vessel is heavily used or over 5 years old, its ducting and air moving equipment could use a deep cleaning. If our walk-through reveals that a cleaning might be useful, we will look deeper into the HVAC system’s components. The commitment to cleaning return registers, return plenum, air handler, ducting, plenum and grills can reduce the risk of developing a mold problem in the future. Don’t accept poor IAQ because it puts the vessel at risk of more serious problems. Should you consider crew driven DIY, remember that if there is mold present it is easy to spread!

Poor Air Quality:

Poor IAQ can be the result of a single unhealthy element, or a “Cocktail”… and not the fun type! Commonly seen elements which contribute to a bad indoor environment are Dust, VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), a High Carbon Dioxide and of course Mold to name a few. At Tri-County our representatives can help you understand the quality of your indoor air which is important whether it be in the Master Stateroom or in Crew Areas.

Solutions to Improve Air Quality:

Depending on what Tri-County detects aboard, we can improve IAQ.
When we encounter airborne dust, a professionally conducted “Clean in Place,” (CIP). A clean in place won’t prevent mold, but it will reduce the chance of having a mold event in the future. make the Cleaning in place will often improve the performance of the air handler because dirty heat exchangers produce less cooling.

CIP is performed in conjunction with a duct cleaning that, by definition, removes dust build-up in ducts, plenums and grills. At Tri-County, our knowledge of yacht construction allows us to suggest the right method of cleaning the vessel’s plenums. Sometimes, it is easier to just change the ducting rather than clean it; in other circumstances, cleaning is the only good solution. We can help you make an informed decision in either case.

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Other indoor air issues…as noted above we can determine if VOC’s are present and eliminate the condition and prevent the problem from reoccurring. Sometime odors from the bilge caused by bilge because the bilge air is being drawn into the accommodations through the HVAC system; Tri-County can help you find its root cause. Relying on our knowledge of Yacht Construction, Mechanical, Sanitation Systems and HVAC, we can track down the odor-causing agent or mechanical problem and eliminate the need to mask an unpleasant smell. Tri-County can also recommend how to sanitize a cabin when a guest is sneaks a smoke aboard. Remember when it comes to IAQ problems, Tri-County brings “Sanity to your Calamity”

Tools of the Trade:

Our business is IAQ. When wondering if there is a problem aboard, if it is in the air it’s also in your lungs. We have the diagnostic tools and training.

What our competitors cannot match is our knowledge of boats, yachts, super-yachts, cruise liners, ferries and more. When you need the experts you can trust, call Tri-County Marine Restorations.

  • Particulate Counters

  • Thermal Imaging Devices

  • Duct Cameras

  • Moisture detection equipment

  • And everything else under the sun.

Other On board Emergencies:

Tri-County has been serving South Florida for over 20 years. When you have experienced a Food, Fire, Smoke Damage or other on board calamity which requires the vessel or single accommodation to be cleaned or dried out keep Tri-County in mind.

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