Tips From the Experts on How to Prevent Mold Damage in Fort Lauderdale

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Living in the sunshine state guarantees beautiful weather and a warm climate. Both things that make most flock down here to either live or vacation. But humans aren’t the only organisms who enjoy some warm weather, mold loves it too. The thought of mold being in your home probably makes your cringe in disgust. It truly is the silent villain. While you live your life, it grows in secret, not even making itself known until it’s too late. However, you don’t need to fall victim to mold. There are countless ways to prevent mold from coming into your home, damaging it, and your health in the process. Here at Tri-County All Restorations, our team of mold experts have come up with our pro tips on how to prevent mold from coming into your home. And surprisingly, these tips are fairly easy to follow.


Prevent Moisture and Humidity

The best tip we can give is to prevent any moisture and humidity from being in your home. You cannot control the weather outdoors, but you control the climate of your home. Keeping your home more on the cool side will make it less attractive to mold. You also are going to want to be sure you have the proper ventilation in your home. An area mold seems to love is the bathroom. This is because there are many areas it can hide, such as the air vents and the pipes. The bathroom also tends to get steamy frequently, and the steam creates the perfect warm, wet, and humid environment that mold needs to form. Ensuring you have ventilation and fans in the bathrooms will allow for the room to cool down and for steam to dissipate before mold can even think about growing. The same goes for other rooms in your home that tend to get warmer, such as the laundry room and the attic.


Keep Your Home Dry

Keeping your home dry is made simple when you follow the tip of preventing moisture and humidity in your home; however, there are other instances where water is involved that are worth mentioning. One of the reasons people see water damage as an emergency or priority is because it isn’t just water damage that is putting your home at risk, it’s mold damage too. This is because where water is, mold follows. The best way to tackle this is to stay on top of any pipes or spills. If something seems leaky to you, get it looked at by a professional immediately. The longer you wait, the more likely mold is going to grow, and let us tell you, mold grows fast. Another way to tackle water is to avoid leaving wet objects and clothing around. Drying everything wet promptly will go a long way.


Check Your Indoor Plants

As we mentioned above, mold is secretive and sneaky. Most people think to check the dark and infrequently visited areas of their home, such as the attic, for mold, but never common objects such as an indoor plant. Indoor plants need to be looked at frequently for mold prevention as plants are the perfect breeding ground for mold. One second it may be on your gorgeous flowers, and the next second it could be growing on your wall. If there does happen to be mold on your indoor plants, simply removing the mold through natural mold removers will get rid of it while preserving your plant. If you will not check on the plants for home mold prevention, at least check on them for the sake of your plant’s health.


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Living in South Florida is truly a dream. But nothing in life comes without some flaws, including living in the sunshine state. It just so happens that what makes the sunshine state so great is also what contributes to mold growth in the homes here. But, our team at Tri-County All Restorations, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, knows that with these prevention tips, you can keep mold out of your home. To learn more about mold prevention, and our mold removal services, give us a call today at (954) 280-4715. Our team is looking forward to helping you!

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