Water Damage Tips 2018-09-13T21:06:50-04:00

In the Event of Water Damage…
Don’t Panic.

The situation can be remedied with the help of our professional team.  It is imperative that you contact us immediately after the damage occurs.  From broken pipes, storms, blocked drains, fire damage or appliance malfunctions, Tri-County All Restorations is here to help.

Upon discovering water damage, we recommend:

  • Call our team right away at 954-444-6433.
  • Turn on the air conditioning and ventilate any wet areas.
  • It is helpful to employ blotting and sponging to remove standing water from flat surfaces.
  • Remove rugs or carpets which are saturated.
  • Do not enter any area where the ceiling is sagging due to water.
  • Immediately remove all electronic devices, including computers, laptops, televisions, etc.
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