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FAQs – Answers You Need Now.

At Tri-County All Restorations, we answer questions from a variety of property owners every day.

To help you as efficiently as possible, we have compiled answers to the following Frequently Asked Questions:

  • So many people are involved with my claim that I am getting confused. Can you tell me who I should be talking to about my damage?

  • The agent you purchased your property insurance from is the representative of your insurance agency. That agent is important to you now. You will also likely hear from an insurance adjuster who will be assigned to your claim. The adjuster should work with us at Tri-County to pre-approve and pay for the remediation based upon your policy coverage limits. In addition, you may be involved with a mortgage company which can assist in getting the property restored to its pre-loss condition. Tri-County All Restorations, your restoration contractor, is retained by you and will work with all parties to restore your property.

  • I have experienced property damage. Who is responsible for repairing my property?

  • As the insured party, you are responsible for your property. As such, you are the only person who can select and hire a repair contractor. At Tri-County, we are a full-service, licensed and bonded Disaster Recovery Specialist™. In every case, we work for you to return your property to its pre-loss condition.

  • Should I be getting multiple estimates?

  • Not at all. Multiple estimates are not required for your insurance policy. By retaining the services of Tri-County All Restorations, you have started the process correctly. We will handle your entire claim from beginning to end. This includes 24-hour emergency service, handling of personal property, dry cleaning, mold remediation and, of course, complete property restoration. Relax; you’re using the most reputable company in the area and we will take care of the damage.

  • There has been a fire at my property and I am worried about smoke damage. What should I do now?

  • By contacting Tri-County, you’ve taken the best possible action. We will employ a “multi-step” process to ensure that your property is completely decontaminated of fire, smoke damage and odor. We provide our customers with a written no-smoke odor warranty.

  • I have water damage and am worried about the possibility of mold. What can I do to prevent mold from developing?

  • Tri-County’s certified technicians will provide tips and instructions for what you can expect and how we can take steps to ensure that mold does not develop. We use the latest technology in our drying equipment and will dry your property as quickly as possible to help prevent mold.

  • My property is showing signs of existing mold. Can you help?

  • Yes, absolutely. Tri-County has mold remediation technicians on staff who can remove existing mold. In our experience, we have found that many insurance policies include mold coverage. Please read your policy or call your agent to discuss the specifics of your policy.

  • Do I pay you or will my insurance pay Tri-County directly?

  • Tri-County provides a comprehensive estimate to your insurance adjuster who then approves the repairs and issues the repair payment, less your deductible.

  • When do I have to pay my insurance deductible?

  • Typically Tri-County does not collect deductibles.

  • I have already received a payment from my insurer, but I see that the mortgage company is also listed on the check. Why is that?

  • This is standard operating procedure when the property is still under mortgage. We work with mortgage companies on a regular basis and at your request, we can contact your mortgage company and provide the necessary documentation, so they can process your insurance payments. On large claims, they may even make periodic payments so that we can progress with the work. We can also assist with the mortgage company’s property inspections.

  • I just received a 20-day preliminary lien notice? What is this?

  • Depending upon your loss and its size, Tri-County will follow the state’s requirements regarding pre-liening property damage loss. A 20-day preliminary lien notice is not a reflection of you but is a required document that protects contractors and their rights to payment.

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