Protect Yourself From Water Damage this Hurricane Season

//Protect Yourself From Water Damage this Hurricane Season

As the weather starts to turn, people are already preparing for the worst, protecting their home against possible water damage. South Florida has finally entered hurricane season, and as we all know, these tropical storms can take a toll on the home and our property.

Our restoration company in Oakland Park can provide water damage cleanup, but preparedness can offer greater peace of mind. 

We’re sharing foundational tips for home protection this hurricane season.

Keep Water Out of the Home with Good Sheathing 

As with any tropical storm, your priority should be to keep water from entering the home. That may sound simple, but a poorly reinforced home won’t withstand horizontal winds above 100 miles per hour. 

To start off, you’ll want to protect your exterior sheathing (i.e., plywood, stucco, siding, bricks) so it’s a good line of defense against damage. One of the best kinds of siding to prevent hurricane damage is fiber cement siding, which helps prevent water from getting behind the sheathing exterior. If any water gets inside the insulation, it becomes a challenge to get out. 

However, if this does happen, it’s advised to contact our restoration company in Oakland Park to remove the water, dry it out and prevent rot.

Since you’re already outside, after you’ve worked on your sheathing, make sure your roof shingles are properly nailed down.

Search the House for Cracks and Gaps 

Search the perimeter of your home for any cracks or gaps in the siding. Don’t trivialize even the tiniest crack, as it will let water in. 

You would be surprised what little it takes to need our flood restoration services in Oakland Park. 

You should check for cracks and gaps before you fortify your windows and doors. If you see any openings, seal it up with a high-quality, waterproof sealant. Additionally, make sure to seal pipes, cables and vents that go through walls, for example, your dryer vents.

Fortify Windows and Doors

Your door is your first line of defense against high winds and rain. As a result, impact doors are a good way to go. 

New improvements to design and material have led to more physically appealing impact doors. If you don’t want to buy impact doors because of the price, then we recommend using thick, exterior-grade plywood.

When it comes to your windows, again, we recommend buying impact windows or durable shutters, even though both options can be costly. 

If you have the money but hesitate to put it towards prepping your windows, consider this: if the door is your first line of defense, your windows are your weakest link. 

There are many objects that can weaken, crack, and break a window. Not only can this lead to water getting into your home, but the damages can be dangerous.

If cost is a concern and there’s no getting around it, you can use the same plywood used for your doors to fortify the windows.

What to Do If Water Gets Inside 

The smallest amount of water that enters your home should be removed immediately. Left too long, you increase the risk of developing mold growth

Not to mention the damage water can do to your drywall, insulation, carpets, and flooring. We don’t recommend that you attempt to remove and dry out the water on your own. 

Without the proper knowledge and training, you may not dry out your home effectively. Again, any water that sneaks in unnoticed leads to rot and mold.

Instead, contact our restoration company in Oakland Park. We have a comprehensive process that ensures no water gets left behind. 

Our experienced team will:

  • Arrive promptly and assess your damage.
  • Use cutting-edge technology to measure and assess temperature for affected areas that don’t show surface damage.
  • Extract water and dry out the structure, ensuring there is no additional water damage.
  • Quickly restore your home to its original condition.

Contact Tri-County All Restorations

We don’t know what this hurricane season has in store for us, all we know is that it’s here. With any luck, South Florida won’t experience severe weather. 

If we do, these preventative measures can offer significant protection this hurricane season. If water still enters the home, contact our restoration company in Oakland Park for our same-day water removal services. 

We’re available 24 hours a day, so make sure to call (954) 280-7868.

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