The Basics of Water Damage Restoration in Oakland Park

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When your home or business is suffering from water damage, it’s natural to feel stressed. Where does one even begin to start cleaning up? How does one ensure that water hasn’t seeped behind floorboards and under the surface? These are common questions that many people face, and if you are too, know that you’re not alone. At Tri-County All Restorations, Inc. we’re proud to announce that we’ve been helping South Florida property owners for decades. In this article, we’ll give you a basic rundown as to what to expect when water damage becomes an invasive priority, and how to best hand the situation.   


Step One to Water Damage Restoration in Oakland Park: Drying  

The first step when you see water damage is to try to clean up the majority of the water. This isn’t easy to do, especially if you’re working with a flood. However, if you’re facing a small roof leak, start by grabbing as many towels as possible. Getting ahead of further damage is your number one priority. Though it won’t be sufficient in the long run, it will hold your home or business over until a professional can assist.   


Step Two: Stop the Leak   

Now, you might not be able to stop the leak, but you may be able to put jars, buckets, and bowls nearby to stop the water from ending up on your interiors. This will ensure that water stays off of your floor until a seasoned expert can assess the situation further.   


Step Three: Call a Restoration Expert   

The third step is to call a restoration professional who can help you clean up the mess. They’ll come in to assess the damage and put together a certified plan of action. This plan is successful, thoughtful, and organized. With years of experience, they’ll know exactly what to do to ensure that your water damage case is cleaned up for good! This includes bringing specialized tools, drying the liquid, testing for any mold, and dehumidifying the space to ensure everything is dry to perfection.   


Step Four: Peace of Mind   

While the process of repairing your home can be challenging and exhausting, you’ll be surprised at how much stress you’ll save by hiring the experts at Tri-County All Restorations, Inc. We’ll handle everything from beginning to end, allowing you to focus on the other areas of your life that demand your attention. We’re busy individuals, living busy lives. Beat the water damage with a professional water damage restoration in Oakland Park. With years of experience, seasoned care, and excellent customer relationships, why choose anywhere else? We assure you that we’ll exceed your expectations. If you’d like to learn more about our company, you can visit our website at and even read our client reviews! Who knows, perhaps you’ll be leaving a five-star review of your own soon. Contact our team today at 954-444-6433 and see how we can help you when need assistance the most.   

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