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Storms in South Florida cause major water damage and mold, it’s true. However, contrary to popular belief, water damage is not only caused by severe weather conditions and flooding, it is also be caused by faulty appliances, overflowing toilets, extreme humidity, or damaged plumbing. That is why it is of the utmost importance that should your home incur water damage or mold due to storms, you should follow the necessary steps to accurately assess, and then begin the best “water damage restoration process. 

Flooding from storms on the outside world or from home appliances such as a dishwasher, a toilet or bathtub can result in certain debris – from fungus to food particles or feces – being carried throughout your home. This obviously elicits many various health concerns and so the processes of clearing the debris and of decontaminating your affected home areas are crucial. 

While you may have enjoyed splashing around in the waters after a storm as a kid, you might not realize that storm waters may actually be contaminated with raw sewage, dangerous chemicals, or harmful bacteria and viruses capable of transmitting dangerous diseases to you. 

In this same way, the harmful water that invades your home following a broken pipe, clogged toilet overflow, leaking dishwasher, overflowing washing machines, leaky roofs, or even foundational cracks can be harmful! 

Storm and Water Damage Restoration: Depends on Water Type 

When your South Florida area has suffered a storm, specific steps must be taken to reduce property destruction, depending on the type of water damage. According to the ICRC- who sets the standards for the cleaning industry and water damage restoration training- there are three levels or types of water involved in damages. They include: 

  • Water Type 1: Clean water 

Clean water damage is from sanitary sources, such as an overflowing sink or tub, burst water pipes, failed supply lines to appliances, drinking fountains, or vertical falling rainwater. 

  • Water Type 2: Grey water  

Grey water is from sources that could make you uncomfortable or ill if ingested. Washing machine, dishwasher, or urine-tainted toilet overflows belong in this category. 

  • Water Type 3: Black water 

Black water is the worst classification of water and could cause severe illness if ingested. Sewer backups, flooded rivers, feces-tainted toilet overflows, or stagnant liquid that has bacterial growth are all examples of black water. 

Without the best water restoration services with experts like Tri-County, in addition to the water damage itself, you will find yourself facing other, very serious health issues that will dig even deeper into your wallet. When any type of water damage occurs in the home, it is important to first accurately appraise the damage that has been done, then call us! If for any reason you fail to identify a part of the property that has been damaged in an event and do not rectify the issue, leaving the water to sit and rot the infrastructure, you will also most likely need to deal with mold, infestation, and property repair. In order to prevent future inconveniences, you always want to check your home thoroughly to ensure that all the flood damage that has been done to your home is addressed quickly and properly. 

Storms, Water Damage and Mold Cleanup with the Best in South Florida 

Once you have assessed all the water and flood damage that has been done to your property, the next step in the process is actually removing the water from the home and thoroughly drying the carpet, walls, etc., that were affected by the event. Furthermore, it is important to ventilate the home during and after the drying process to making sure that no humidity is trapped in the house. Again, both of these steps are crucial in preventing further damage, such as mold perpetuation.  

Call Tri-County All Restoration the Best Restoration for storms, water damage and mold restoration services. 

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