Flood Restoration Services in Oakland Park: Tips from Tri-County All Restorations

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As every South Florida and Oakland Park resident in particular knows all too well, Flooding and other unforeseen disasters can strike suddenly due to accidents, nature or willful actions.  When a tragedy like a flood happens, hiring the right water damage restoration service team can help you move quickly from mourning your loss to salvaging the damaged property. At Tri-County All Restorations our experts know that restoring property following a flood requires complete extraction of all the water.  If any moisture remains there can be ongoing damage to the property, including the increasing the risk of fire or especially mold growth. 

If you have suffered from a flood or had water damage to your Oakland Park property, you are going to want to have total and complete water extraction. To extract the excess water completely, any number of steps may be needed, including removing flooring, drywall and ceiling panels or built-in storage units.  After our team efficiently assesses the situation, and we can estimate what needs to be don relatively quickly. Our experience has proven that if you do not address each area where the water may have reached, your property may still be vulnerable. 

At Tri-County All Restorations, we specialize in water restoration- including evaluation and testing services- and have served South Florida for decades with services ranging from water extraction and flood restoration to mold remediation, and many other types of complete restoration services.   

Water Damage Tips from Tri-County All Restorations 

Exposure to water can cause serious damage quickly so it is critical to start the water extraction process as soon as the flood or water issue is detected. 

Once your home or commercial property has been damaged by water, it is important to hire a professional restoration team, like the one at Tri-County All Restorations, to help prevent the growth of mold.  As all of our Five-star ratings exemplify, you can count on us to provide helpful professional water damage tips and advice for your continued safety and well-being 

Here are some of the important steps that Tri-County Al l Restoration will take after water damage has happened: 

  • Water Extraction: 

If you’ve had flooding at your property, as we have mentioned it is absolutely imperative that we extract the water quickly to minimize overall damage. This is a priority because the longer the water stands, the greater the chances for more property damage due to mold. For your safety, it is crucial that you hire a professional restoration team like the one at Tri-County to prevent the growth of mold in these flood situations.  

  • Drying the Structure: 

As we conduct the initial assessment and inspection, we may discover more serious water damage to the structure. In this case we implement additional techniques to completely dry and restore all of the affected areas. At Tri-County we work very hard at mold prevention, because mold can grow so quickly that it sometimes appears during water extraction.  Therefore, it is never safe to “air dry” a property that has flooded.  Mold is aggressive by nature. However, by hiring our reliable, professional water removal service, you can ensure that the team is using proper water extraction and ventilation equipment to prevent mold growth even during your restoration process.  

  • Sewage and Flooding: 

Both sewage and flood waters can lead to contamination which is hazardous to your health. Frequently, the water in a flood situation is not sanitary, as flood waters can carry water from a variety of sources including sewage backups which may contain untreated wastewater.  To ensure that property owners and their families are not vulnerable to diseases or infections, we use or 23-year time-tested, proven water extraction techniques. You can trust the Tri-County team to treat the damage properly to ensure your long-term safety.   

  • Thermal Imaging Capabilities: 

At Tri-County we are proud to say that we use only the newest cutting-edge technology to thoroughly measure and assess the situation, including testing the temperature of any surface. Our “Thermal imaging infrared” cameras can determine without a doubt if any area is wet, even if the area is not showing any obvious surface damage. 

When you need a restoration team you can trust and you need it fast, Tri-County is South Florida’s number one choice.  We promise to arrive promptly to assess your damage and get to work immediately to restore your property. We provide emergency water damage restoration service 24 hours a day, every day and that means you can count on us over the weekend or in the middle of the night! Call Tri-County All Restorations for: 

Water Damage and Flood Restoration in Oakland Park with Tri-County All Restorations 

The best water restoration plan for your property in Oakland Park will depend upon the type and extent of the water damage suffered.  The water extraction experts at Tri-County All Restorations are trained to recognize the type of damage affecting your property.  

If it is only light water damage in an area suffering minor water damage quickly, the damage can be contained to only the property that is most water permeable.  In these cases, the damage can be stopped before it penetrates deep into flooring or finishes. Medium water damage is slightly more severe; it can lead to high humidity that increases the absorption of water by fabrics, walls and other materials.  More extensive extraction techniques are required when the damage affects more than just an isolated area, thus, speed of service is very important. 

Major water damage is done following damage caused by a natural flood or storm; we find the most significant water damage in these cases are caused by standing water.  This can severely damage materials that normally would experience lower absorption rates.  In these situations, more extensive treatment and special techniques are required. No matter what level of your flood or water damage situation is, the experienced team at Tri-County All Restorations has the tools ready to develop the most effective water removal solution for your needs.   

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