Who Should You Call After You’ve Suffered Fire Damage?

//Who Should You Call After You’ve Suffered Fire Damage?

Fire is arguably the greatest discovery man ever made. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and sometimes a man does not have that responsibility. Fire can be one of the most dangerous and destructive forces there is. When a fire gets out of control, extensive damage occurs almost immediately. Homeowners who experience fire damage can be in for a long and expensive cleanup effort. Anyone who has been affected by the fire can tell you that it is a traumatic event. If you have the unfortunate luck of experiencing a fire-related tragedy, you will need a professional fire restoration company to help you recover. Fortunately, Tri-County All Restorations is that restoration company for those in Oakland Park!


Fire damage is especially dangerous due to its toxic nature.  Whenever materials like glue and solvents used in construction burn, they release toxic gases, which can be extremely dangerous. For this reason, Tri-County All Restorations does not recommend homeowners to handle the fire cleanup all on their own. If you recently have had to experience the misfortune of a fire, then please call Tri-County All Restorations immediately for help and to protect yourself and your loved ones in the aftermath.  Our trained professionals can act quickly to stop and prevent further destruction from smoke, fire, and water damage.


Many people don’t understand the significant loss that can occur due to fire or smoke damage.  Most property owners are at a loss in the initial aftermath, and that’s where our team comes in.  First, we will familiarize you with the restoration process and then smooth the way through as we restore your property, your home, your office, or other spaces. At Tri-County All Restorations, we take great pride in our ability to consistently deliver excellent customer service.  Our team of experienced professionals will always put you and your needs first, who understand what it’s like to suffer damage to your property. And lucky for you, Tri-County All Restorations is available 24/7 for emergency services.


Fire damage can result from many things, including

  • Lightning strikes
  • Electrical problems
  • Appliance malfunction
  • And a whole lot more.


Whatever the cause of your fire damage, your first call needs to be to Tri-County All Restorations to have professionals begin the cleanup process. Both homeowners and business owners in Oakland Park have someone on their side when smoke and fire damage occur when they choose Tri-County All Restorations for our Fire Damage Restoration services. When a fire gets out of hand, no matter the severity of damages, the cleanup effort is a massive one. Both times consuming and costly, smoke and fire damage can put homeowners and business owners in Oakland Park in a bind. After a fire, you need someone with years of experience and a dedication to the public who will be on the scene ready to begin working immediately. No matter the severity of the fire or damages that occurred, our expert team at Tri-County All Restorations will be there to help clean up and perform our Fire Damage Restoration services. 


Based out of Oakland Park, Tri-County All Restorations has been serving South Florida for 25 years. Using the latest and best equipment available, Tri-County All Restorations can handle any emergency. From mold damage to fire damage and everything in between, Tri-County All Restorations’ management team has seen everything. Trust Tri-County All Restorations to work for you so that whatever emergency comes your way, the job gets done right the first time. If you have had the misfortune of suffering from a home-destroying fire, our technicians are available 24/7 to serve you. Contact us by calling (954) 444-6433 today!

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