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Mold is a type of fungus that can grow indoors and outdoors. It’s a fairly adaptable organism, as it can grow on many different services. When it grows outside, mold plays an important role breaking down and digesting organic material. The real problems occurs when mold grows inside your home. 

The main reason mold should be removed from your home is because it poses several health problems to you and your family. The most common health risks are difficulty breathing and allergies. Therefore, if you have a respiratory problem, suffer from allergies, or have a weakened immune system, it’s crucial you contact Tri-County All Restorations for our mold remediation in Oakland Park.

Mold thrives in damp/moist and warm environments, which is why it’s commonly found in bathrooms. 

Don’t know where to look? 

Read on to discover the most common places for mold growth in bathrooms.

Your sink and toilet bowl. 

Because of the moisture and humidity, your bathroom is the first place to look for mold. You can start by checking the surface of your sink and underneath it. It’s important to look under the sink, where excess moisture on products and plumbing leaks can be found. 

Next, check the toilet tank, and around the toilet bowl, as well. If it’s all clear, try to keep these areas as dry as possible to prevent future mold. Excess moisture is difficult to curtail, but not impossible.

If you don’t detect mold, wipe everywhere down with a bleach-based cleaning product to help keep mold at bay (just remember that bleach cannot kill mold beyond the surface level). Don’t forget to check check the pipes of the sink and toilet for mold and remove moisture if present.

Your toothbrush and toothpaste caddy. 

While you’re at the bathroom sink, check inside your toothbrush/toothpaste caddy. An often forgotten location, it’s a perfect environment for mold growth. If you spot trace amounts of mold, rinse the caddy with hot water and find a tool in which to scrape it out. You certainly don’t need to contact our restoration company in Oakland Park to remove mold from your caddy!

To prevent further growth, we recommend regular cleaning, which is as simple as rinsing and drying the caddy – don’t forget to clean the bottom.

The shower.

Let’s move to the shower, a common location for mold because it’s constantly damp. Check the shower curtain, faucet, shower head, and shower tile grout for the presence of mold. 

Don’t stop there. 

It’s also important to check all the products and equipment within your shower, such as your shower caddy, shampoos, and conditioners.

Unfortunately, even if you don’t see mold on your shower surface, it’s very common for mold spores to live in the air. You can check for mold infestation using a mold testing kit, but we recommend contacting our mold restoration company in Oakland Park if you believe mold spores are present in your home. 

We can provide critical services you can’t get from mold testing kits and provide effective solutions. If you don’t see mold around your shower, or suspect mold spores, continue to properly ventilate your bathroom during and after showering.

The bathroom floor and ceiling.

Now that you’ve checked the sink, toilet, toothbrush caddy, and shower, inspect your bathroom floor and ceiling. If you notice water leaks, find the source and correct the issue, as leaks will cause mold to spread quickly throughout your bathroom. To prevent future mold growth, make sure your floor is always clean and dry. Bathroom mats are also a source of mold growth, so we recommend regularly checking under your mats, keep the area clean and dry, and wash them frequently.

To prevent mold growth on the ceiling, you can:

  • Limit the extent of showers
  • Keep the water temperature lower to prevent steam
  • Keep the bathroom door open after you’ve showered

But of course, the most important step is using a quality exhaust fan. 

We Can Help!

Have you let your bathroom mold get out of control? Contact Tri-County Restoration for our mold remediation in Oakland Park.

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