Steps to Take Prior to Your Water Damage Service in Oakland Park

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Our homes are our sanctuaries, and our offices are our livelihood. When water damage creeps in to surprise you, it’s no question that you can feel vulnerable, unsure, and frustrated. Many people have a hard time knowing where to start, so the process seems long and drawn out. 

Do you call the insurance company? 

Restoration companies? 

Are you supposed to shut down the electronics? 

What do you do about the valuables that you don’t want to get ruined? 

At Tri-County All Restorations, Inc., we know just how challenging this type of property damage can be, which is why we’re here to help you answer some of your most pressing questions. In this article, we’ve highlighted a few steps to take while preparing to speak with your restoration company in Oakland Park. 


Step One: Stop the Water Damage 

The very first step when dealing with water damage is to assess where the leak or flood is happening and do your best to stop it. Some incidents are unavoidable, including hurricane floods and storm surges. However, if there’s a roof leak, find a bucket, if the bathtub is leaking, turn it off. The sooner you can get to the source of the issue, the better off your restoration will be. 


Step Two: Unplug Electronics 

This second tip depends on the severity of the situation. If your home is fully flooded, we’d recommend waiting until a professional arrives on the scene before taking another step. We absolutely recommend that you relocate any family, pets, or employees from the vicinity of the flood happens while you’re still in the area. If the water damage is minimal, including appliance leaks or small roofing leaks, we recommend safely and carefully unplugging electronics within the room to avoid any accidents. As always, water and electrics are not a good combination, so be sure that the outlet is not near water, and that you’re not standing in the water. If you are uncertain about either, stay out of the area until we arrive. 


Step Three: Remove Valuables 

The next step you will probably do instinctively, as most people do. When we see that our valuables are being ruined, we rush to their rescue. In a home, this generally refers to pieces of furniture that you deem important or expensive, books, pictures, photo albums, rugs, and other objects that are not easily replaceable. Again, the situation depends on the type of water damage you’re dealing with. If the water damage is from an appliance, we’d recommend moving your valuables. However, if the water is from a sewage issue, we’d deem the situation unsafe and the water very unclean, so anything touched by sewage should be disposed of. 


Step Four: Start Drying 

This tip is only for those who are dealing with non-hazardous water. You can start drying out your rugs, valuables, and hardwood flooring by using towels to start cleaning the liquid. A restoration company will take this a step further when they arrive, using dehumidifiers to completely and totally dry the space. Yet, getting a head start with towels isn’t a bad idea! This is especially true for those who fear mold growth, as it can grow within 24 hours of moisture appearing. If you sense that you’re already dealing with mold, we recommend letting the experts handle the situation from there. 


Step Five: Call a Restoration Company Near You

Last, but not least, it’s time to welcome your local restoration company to the scene. While they appreciate anything you’ve done to assist, it’s critical that they arrive in a timely manner, to be sure that the damage doesn’t worsen the longer it sits. A restoration company will assess the damage, remove any existing furniture and pieces, thoroughly dry the space, scan for mold, and ensure that drywall, walls, baseboards, or other elements are repaired properly.


A Restoration Company You Can Trust in Oakland Park, FL

If your home or business is in trouble, don’t waste another minute. Contact Tri-County All Restorations today at 954-280-7871 and see how we can help you when you need assistance the most. There’s nothing scarier than having your safe space taken from you. Allow our team to repair it immediately, with no stress, and genuine customer care.

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