After the Storm: Understanding the Three Main Types of Water Damage

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South Florida is no stranger to severe weather conditions. From hurricanes to hail and tornados, we experience a wide gambit of what nature has to offer. Sudden rainstorms are par for the course from Spring through to Fall; most Floridians don’t even bat an eye at approaching hurricanes unless they’re over category three. However, this lax attitude toward serious weather conditions can be our downfall.  

The most common form of damage caused by heavy rains or hurricanes is caused by water, yet we often brush it off as no big deal. This is a mistake: water damage can lead to serious financial or even medical consequences if left unaddressed. Understand these three common types of water damage can save your wallet and your health. 


We all know that hidden or unaddressed mold in your house is a serious problem. However, we usually connect mold to unkempt or abandoned homes that have been left to rot. This isn’t reality: mold can begin forming within a few days if water damage is not properly treated. Just draining standing water or wiping it away may not be enough to prevent mold.  

Recognizing signs of mold can help you prevent the problem from getting worse. Look out for these five signs: 

  • Moldy scents that linger or permeate the home 
  • “Bubbles” or warping in the walls, flooring, or ceiling
  • Flu-like symptoms that won’t go away 
  • Respiratory issues 
  • Visible mold growth

Hiring a professional company offering mold remediation in Oakland Park can restore your home to its previous splendor. Tri-County All Restorations serves all of South Florida and can identify and treat any existing mold issues and help to prevent future problems. We use the latest in thermo-imaging technology to locate all potential mold deposits for your health and safety. 


Water erodes metal surface when given enough time, which can cause serious structural or health issues. Rusting pipes and faucets can cause illness when ingested or used for cooking or bathing. Rust in a home’s infrastructure can weaken walls or floors, potentially making it hazardous to occupy. Luckily, most rust issues are easy to address with a general contractor or plumber. The bigger issue comes when rust occurs in the main water lines beneath the home or in public water towers or mainlines.  

When rust occurs in faucets or in the most in-home pipes, it can be easy to spot and address. Typically, it begins as an off taste or discoloration in the faucet water, but if you can see red or brownish markings around pipe fittings, it’s likely that rust is existent within the pipe itself. Getting these affected areas cleaned and replaced should resolve the problem. If it persists, it is likely that the rust originates from somewhere deeper into water system. 

Structural Damage 

When it comes to hurricanes and heavy storms, we often only consider structural damage caused by strong winds or flying debris. However, overlooking the potential for water damage following these weather conditions can lead to serious and expensive structural damage. Water damage can occur without flooding and continue to develop even after water has receded.  

Because water seeps into porous surfaces like wood, previous concrete, and fabric furniture, it can remain locked inside, weakening the structural integrity and creating a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Water damage service in Oakland Park addresses these issues by thoroughly cleaning and drying all affected areas to ensure your home is sanitized and safe.  

If water damage has compromised your home’s infrastructure, addressing the damage itself first is important. Before you can repair water damage, it must be properly cleared up, otherwise your repairs are just a bandage that may eventually fail as well. 

To learn more about our water damage services across West Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties, contact us today! 

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