Avoiding Overnight Commercial Fires

//Avoiding Overnight Commercial Fires

Commercial businesses like restaurants and bakeries require a good amount of firepower to cook and bake the delicious foods they offer. Unfortunately, the same energy source they use for producing food can devour and eat their business whole.

Often, these businesses are victims of overnight commercial fires because something was left unchecked or someone made an error at shut down. Owners often receive the dreadful call in the middle of the night or discover their loss the next day.

Avoiding overnight commercial fires is not impossible, and if you follow a few simple rules and best practices, you can overcome this tragic loss.

Let’s discuss some essential measures you can take to avoid an overnight commercial fire.

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We hope you never have to contact Tri-County All Restorations, and adhering to the following rules and best practices can help ensure it.

Avoiding Overnight Commercial Fires

Here are a few key measures you can take to avoid an overnight commercial fire at your place of business.

  • Employee Training

A busy business has many employees working hard to deliver goods and services, and this is especially true for a commercial kitchen where work is frantic at the best of times. Training your staff on how to prevent a fire break-out can help prevent unnecessary loss.

You can include fire prevention training as part of their initial training period when you hire them. 

You should extend this training to temporary staff as well. Guide your staff members on operating fire extinguishers, and teach them how to operate the fire alarm system.

It would be best if you also taught them key protocols that prevent a commercial fire risk. 

These protocols may include those for fire prevention to be followed by the last person to leave the premise, like equipment cool down, shut off, etc.

Such training will drastically reduce the chances of an overnight commercial fire breaking out on your property.

  • Install Fire Protection

It may sound straightforward, but protective equipment, which is inexpensive and readily available, can prevent huge fires that disrupt your commercial property and business. Smoke detectors, alarm systems, regularly maintained fire extinguishers, and emergency lighting are all necessary.

However, installing sprinkler systems and suppression systems that automatically cut off electrical and gas supply during a fire go a long way in protecting your commercial assets. 

Appropriately installing these systems and regularly maintaining them will help you to avoid any daytime or overnight commercial fires.

  • Grease Removal

One of the most highly flammable substances in any commercial kitchen is grease. 

It can quickly catch fire, and it is tough to put out grease fires. 

You must ensure that you use strong cleaning supplies to remove grease from your kitchens regularly. 

Grease can easily cover ventilation systems, build-up on kitchen walls, and clog pipes and traps. You need to conduct thorough cleanups that remove all grease from these areas.

You can even hire specialized cleaning services from companies that know precisely how to deal with grease removal. Doing so will ensure that your kitchen or property doesn’t get engulfed in an overnight commercial fire if something goes wrong.

  • Strictly Adhere to Fire Codes

Fire codes are there for a reason, and you would be surprised to learn the basic code violations that occur in commercial businesses and kitchens. 

Some of these include lack of clear and lighted exit signs, improperly maintained or non-functioning fire extinguishers, and blocked exit ways.

Strictly adhering to fire codes not only prevents fires and reduces fire risks but also saves lives. 

If you are unclear about fire codes, most fire marshals offer free inspections of commercial kitchens. 

They can evaluate the code adherence of your business to give you the rundown of what needs attention.

We Offer Same Day Fire Damage Clean Up

Naturally, fires are disastrous, and sometimes, even best practices cannot prevent overnight commercial fires from destroying your business or property. 

If such an unfortunate disaster occurs, you want only the best same-day fire damage cleanup in Oakland Park.

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