What Should You Do When Your Home Has Wind Damage?

//What Should You Do When Your Home Has Wind Damage?

Living in the sunshine state certainly has many benefits, especially when summertime hits and everyone makes a run for the pools and beaches. For starters, the weather down here is amazing almost 24/7 making it so we barely ever need to bundle up in layers and layers of clothing. We also do have our fallbacks such as hurricane season. If you are a born and raised Floridian than hurricanes may not frighten you too much. But, regardless of how you feel about your safety, as a homeowner, you are probably a tad bit worried about the state of your home after one of these bad boys hit. These occurrences can wreak havoc on buildings and houses of all sizes and in all areas of the state, especially when the hurricanes are in the higher categories such as category 4 and 5.


Have the Proper Insurance Coverage


It is wise to prepare for the stormy summer days by getting your property properly insured. However, even with insurance coverage on your home, the smallest hurricanes can still destroy parts of your home. While we all hope we are not in these situations, it happens to all of us at one point. The best thing you can do when this happens is to be relieved that you had signed up for the proper insurance coverage.


Take Notes and Photos of the Damage


Next up, you are going to want to start taking note of all of the damage that occurred. But first, you are going to want to keep pets and loved ones away from the damage. Keeping them out of the way of the storm-damaged areas will be best for their safety and for getting an accurate look at all of the damage that was done. Until your property is assessed properly, restored, and deemed safe for both humans and animals to return to, it may be safe to stay away from the area. After all of this is established you are going to need to take plenty of photos of the damage and tons of notes for your file. Once this is done its time to bring in the professionals. We recommend contacting one of our experts at Tri-County Restoration, Inc. to come on out and do an assessment of all the damage. This will ensure that you did not miss anything while doing your original walk-around of the property. We then will take notes and our pictures so we can have it on file. We do this so we can compare our notes and photos with you to make sure that we all saw everything there was to see before planning out how exactly we are going to move towards fixing the damage that was done. Once we start to fix the damage there is no going back and documenting anything.


File the Insurance Claim


Once all the photos and notes have been taken, compared, and debris has been cleared then can you take the last step and file your insurance claim. The storm and the damage are already stressful enough, let alone having to add filing a claim on top of that. The claim will not be horrible though as our specialists at Tri-County Restoration, Inc. can walk you through the entire filing process. We know how insurance companies think and what kinds of things to put on your claim to ensure the process is smooth. When it comes to claims the best thing to do is have someone who knows what they are doing help you out. This way your reimbursement does not get delayed, or even worse, the claim being incorrectly filled out. Once this is done you play the waiting game while we go ahead and get to work on restoring your home to what it was before the damage.


After a hurricane has hit you may feel frightened and too freaked out to check out all of the damage done to your house. This is understandable. After a storm, the priority is making sure that everyone else in the house is safe, including pets, and making sure you are safe. If you do not feel comfortable completing the note-taking and photo steps you can always go ahead and wait for the experts to come on out and take a look. Our pros at Tri-County Restoration, Inc. have a trained eye for all things damage and will be sure to take note of everything. To learn more about our storm damage assessment services give us a call today at (888) 906-0188.

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