Five Signs of Mold You Should NEVER Ignore!

//Five Signs of Mold You Should NEVER Ignore!

For all its beauty and natural wonder, Florida’s hot and humid summers are nothing to bat an eye at. Couple that with the heavy rains and potential hurricanes that are inherent to the summer and fall months and the risk of developing a mold problem in your home increases exponentially. Being able to recognize the signs of mold can help prevent serious illness or structural damage to your home.  

If you are concerned about mold developing in your home, NEVER ignore these five signs. 

Moldy Scents 

Is there a pervasive scent of wet, old paper or wood? What your smelling could be mold growing unseen in the walls, ceiling, or floors. The dank scent of mild lingers despite your best cleaning efforts or strongest air fresheners. If you have notices such a scent around your home, contacting a mold expert like Tri-County All Restorations to conduct a full examination of the interior and exterior of your residence. By offering mold remediation in Oakland Park, we can help you save thousands in repair costs and medical bills. 

Respiratory Problems 

Mold, especially black mold, can cause serious health consequences. Most commonly, mold triggers allergic reactions causing symptoms like: 

  • Runny or stuffy nose 
  • Coughing  
  • Red, itchy eyes 
  • Sore throat 
  • Difficulty breathing

It’s easy to dismiss these symptoms as a common cold or other allergy, but be careful. If these symptoms are persistent and seem impossible to get rid of, it could be something more. Long-term exposure to mold is especially dangerous young children, the elderly, and for people with pre-existing respiratory issues like asthma or COPD. The toxins released by black mold can cause serious reactions in vulnerable populations. 


If you think you’ve got mold, try to pinpoint where the issue is by looking for warped walls, ceilings, of flooring. If you find bubbles beneath the paint or soft areas on the floors, this is a sign of gathered moisture and potential mold. Even if mold has not yet developed, addressing these areas of trapped moisture can help prevent future issues. 

Visible Mold 

The most obvious sign of mold in your home is discovering visible mold. Mold growth typically begins in dark, dank areas of your home, like closets, crawl spaces, and other areas that may not be cleaned regularly. Slow leaks, flooding, or standing water can cause mold even after the water has been cleared if not properly attended. Mold remediation and water damage service in Oakland Park provided by Tri-County All Restoration can address these and other water or fire related issues  in the home. 

Unattended Water Damage 

As mentioned above, unattended water damage can lead to mold growth within your home. Sitting water after heavy rains or leaking pipes may not seem like a pressing problem if it hasn’t caused flooding, but even a few days can lead to mold. If you have experienced even minor flooding, getting rid of the water isn’t enough. Any affected surfaces need to be properly dried and sanitized to protect against mold developing later on. 

Tri-County All Restoration is your go-to for mold prevention and remediation! Contact us now for more information about how we can help you. 

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