3 Signs You Have Mold in Your Home

//3 Signs You Have Mold in Your Home

Mold is probably one of every homeowner’s biggest fears. Not only is it expensive and time-consuming to get it removed and fix the damage done to the house, but it’s also harmful to the human body. When mold decides to move into your home you’re going to eventually realize it. The point where your body starts to realize it though means that its growth has already affected your lungs, skin, and eyes. To prevent this from happening it is important to be aware of some of the key signs that mold has started to grow in your home. These 3 signs will be your sign that its time to call someone in for reinforcement.


  1.   You Are Coughing But Are Not Sick


This is one of those signs that will affect your body early on before the other bodily symptoms start to kick in. The reason being is that the toxic spores from the mold, called mycotoxin spores, know how to find their way into your lungs. This is one of those symptoms that can easily be confused with allergies, because of this it is best to keep an eye out for some of the physical signs around your house that mold is growing. This way you know for certain that your cough is coming from mold spores as opposed to dust or pollen.


  1.   The Pain on Your Walls is Starting to Bubble


If you have noticed that the paint on your walls has started to pop up and bubble a little bit then you probably have mold in your house. This is especially true if the area that is bubbling up is near a window or in the bathroom, areas that tend to be more humid than others. Paint usually only bubbles up when there is too much moisture behind the wall. This moisture gets to be too much and eventually pushes the paint out. It’s safe to say that unless you notice water from a leak around the bubbled up pain area then you probably have mold. Once you see this sign its time to start investigating all the areas that could be the cause behind the increase in humidity, aka what drove the mold to grow Areas such as windowsills and plumbing pipes tend to be common culprits; however, it could be anything that produces moisture.


  1.   Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan is Old


Unfortunately, bathroom exhaust fans are common reasons for mold growth, which is frustrating considering exhaust fans are put in the bathroom to keep the humidity out. This does not happen if your exhaust fan is up to date and working the way it should. These fans are essential to the bathroom to keep out anything that can help mold grow. They say that the best way to determine if your fan needs a replacement is to shower and check how long the steam remains in the bathroom after the fact. If you come back after your shower in 5 to 10 minutes and see no steam than you are probably okay, but if you come back and the bathroom is still pretty steamy then it might be time to go shopping for a new exhaust fan. Before jumping to conclusions though there is one more thing you can do to test your exhaust fan’s abilities, clean it. Once you have cleaned the fan thoroughly its time to take one more shower to see what the final results are. If the steam is persisting then there’s a 99% chance that you need a new fan. This is an annoying purchase to make but it is important to realize that without this purchase you may end up paying more to have potential mold damages fixed.


When it comes to mold the best thing you can do is keep an eye out for all of the signs. This way you can stop it in its tracks before it spreads and starts to damage your home and your health. When in doubt Tri-County Restoration, Inc. is here to help you. We can come on out and do a mold assessment to give you a final yes or no answer about your situation. If you think you may have mold in your home give us a call at (888) 906-0188 today to schedule your mold assessment.

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