Hurricane Season: What You Should Know About Storm Surge Water Damage

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Hurricane season has officially begun, bringing with it heavy rains and the ever lurking fear of the next big storm. While South Floridians are used to navigating this time of year, new residents and long-term tourists may be at a loss for what to do in preparation for coming storms. Even if you are a native of South Florida, being informed about the dangers of a hurricane that occur before, during, and after the storm. 

More than the impressive winds, the water surges and flooding caused by a hurricane carry hidden dangers we often overlook. Here’s what everyone needs to know about storm surge water damage. 

The Hidden Dangers of Storm Water 

Even the weakest hurricanes can bring with them significant rain and raising water levels. As coastal dwellers, South Floridians are at an increased risk for flooding in our streets, businesses and homes. This is why most modern contractors are required to include hurricane proofing precautions into the construction process. Things like self-sealing doors, hurricane proof windows, and reinforced infrastructure for taller apartment buildings and condominiums are common in newer dwellings. However, nature’s power means our best precautions are still not guaranteed.  

Flooding and storm surges can happen well before a hurricane makes landfall, bringing with it hidden dangers. Beyond aquatic wildlife that can find itself washed inland by the storm, raising waters can lead to sewage leaks and water contamination. This is the reason we do not use water from faucets during or after a hurricane until it has been cleared by authority figures. The most dangerous risks associated with coming in contact with storm waters are the ones you often can’t see.  

If your home is affected by flooding caused by a hurricane, it is important that you minimize contact with the water as much as possible. Do not wade in it unless absolutely necessary, as it may contain bacteria that can lead to serious illness or death. Additionally, you should not attempt to leave any secured location until the hurricane has completely passed. The eye of the storm can last for hours, so do not move until instructed to do so.  

Water Damage Restoration 

Tri-County All Restorations offers storm recovery services across all of South Florida. Our water damage restoration in West Palm Beach accounts for all potential risks associated with flooding even after water has receded. We are experienced and prepared to handle sewage leaks and water damage caused by storm surges to return your home to an inhabitable state quickly.  

When it comes to addressing storm damage in West Palm Beach, we prioritize sanitation efforts to prevent illness. Once any sewage has been cleared, we focus on completely and thoroughly drying all surfaces to prevent mold growth. It’s important not to simply allow water damage to air dry, as this can cause dangerous mold to grow unhindered and unseen until it’s too late. Our expertise allows us to spot the warning signs of potential mold growth and address it immediately to protect you and your family’s health. 

For more information about our water damage restoration services in West Palm Beach and across South Florida, contact us today! 

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