Water Damage Restoration Service Oakland Park

Water Damage Restoration Service Oakland Park

Whether it’s man-made or a natural disaster flooding can provide you with a big headache. If you’ve had flooding at your property, you need to have that handled right away. The longer the water stands, the more problems you’re going to have. If you need water damage restoration service in Oakland Park, call the best at Tri-County All Restorations.

We’ll arrive promptly, assess your damage, and get to work immediately to restore your property. It’s imperative that we extract the water quickly, to minimize overall damage. And then there are potential health issues. The longer the water stands, the more it increases the chances of mold growing in the area, which can be a big health concern for many people.

At Tri-County All Restorations we specialize in water restoration. Restoring property following a flood requires complete extraction of all the water, which may involve:

  • Remove flooring
  • Remove drywall
  • Remove ceiling panels
  • Remove built-in storage units

From our experience, you must address each area where water may have reached, to decrease the chances of any further issues. Another big issue of concern is sanitary conditions after flooding is the possibility that the flood water is contaminated with sewage. And finally, standing water increases the risk of electrocution or explosion. All of these reasons point to an urgent need to get the water from your property, and quickly.

In addition to water restoration, mold removal, and remediation, we also offer the following service: restoration after wind or fire damage, contents pack out, board up, demolition, and sewage cleanup. We are fully licensed and carry liability, workman’s comp, and pollution insurance. Tri-County All Restoration has a track record of excellence. If you‘re looking for the best water damage restoration company in Oakland Park, call Tri-County All Restorations today.

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