Ten Tips for Recovering Your Property After a Fire

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  1. Ventilate the Space as Soon as Possible. Most of the dangers that come post-fire are associated with toxins that may have been released by the heat and flame. Not only is it dangerous to inhale lingering soot and smoke, but some glues or paints can produce toxic fumes following a fire. Older homes may also contain toxic materials that are exposed after a fire, like lead in the paint or asbestos.  
  2. Remove and Clean All Rugs, Carpets, and Upholstered Furniture. Those same toxins can seep into these surfaces and have negative consequences days to weeks and months after a fire. Even if the room itself was not directly impacted by the fire, it’s a good idea to thoroughly clean everything.  
  3. Discard All Food Items. Much like the absorbent fabrics of clothes, carpets, and furniture, food can be contaminated by toxins released by the heat of the fire. This includes food contained in jars, cans, and other air-tight containers, as the heat can cause expansion rendering the food potentially contaminated. Toxins within the container itself can seep into food because of the heat exposure. 
  4. Do Not Attempt to Wipe Down Walls, Ceilings, or Absorbent Surfaces. The liquid can cause toxins to seep into the pores of these surfaces, making them more difficult to get rid of. Instead, professionals offering fire restoration in Oakland Park can remove soot and debris safely using a combination of dry removal techniques. 
  5. Secure the Property. If your property is not currently inhabitable, make sure it is secured before you leave the premise. Broken windows, doors, and damaged walls should be secured to prevent further loss. 
  6. Keep Pets Out of Structure Until Cleared for Re-Entry. Because their bodies are smaller, pets are more susceptible to the toxins released by fires, they need to be removed immediately. Keep them in a safe location until you are sure there are no lingering dangers. 
  7. Document All Lost Property. Making a fire damage claim requires an itemized list of lost and damaged property as well as gathering evidence. Tri-County All Restoration can assist in the documentation process as they conduct fire restoration in Oakland Park.  
  8. Be Sure to Air Out Appliances and Cabinets. Refrigerators, ovens, dish washing machines, and washers and dryers are not air-tight, and so require ventilation following a fire to clear out all lingering toxins. Additionally, all electronics should be thoroughly cleaned as well, including computers, televisions, and game systems. 
  9. Look for Signs of Water Damage. Firefighters are tasked with saving your home, but fire hoses can cause water damage in the process of putting the fire out. Get your home inspected for water damage to prevent potential structural damage and mold growth. 
  10. Focus on Getting Back to Everyday Life. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by stress and despair following a fire. As with other natural disasters, fires come quickly and throw everything into total chaos. Getting back to your everyday life as much as possible helps you to move forward and heal from the trauma of experiencing a house fire. If necessary, seek professional help to address any lingering mental health effects. 

If you need help recovering your property after a fire, don’t hesitate—contact Tri-County All Restorations today! 

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